Garden State Events, LLC is asking for your assistance to help raise the level of appreciation for the Literary Arts in the city of Newark, New Jersey.

Garden State Events will host their first annual North Jersey’s Literacy Festival at Newark Public Library to help raise support and appreciation of the Literary Arts throughout the city of Newark, New Jersey and its surrounding areas. North Jersey’s Literacy Festival’s purpose is to act as a gateway to resurrect the vanishing love of literacy in the state’s largest city.

Newark, New Jersey is home to more than 250,000 people and has an unmeasurable love for the visual and performing arts but a small bookstore, known as the Source of Knowledge, located on Broad Street has been a stable in the community for more than 20 years and is now the only outlet for literary artist to show case their talents and receive recognition for their work. Producing a family friendly festival such as North Jersey’s Literacy Festival will ensure that its purpose is conveyed throughout the city.

Please consider supporting the North Jersey’s Literacy Festival. Sponsors and supporters, such as yourself, will help make this event possible through significant contributions and in-kind donations that provide or pay for promotional and operational expenses. Proceeds from this event will go towards the My Very Own Library organization. My Very Own Library (MVOL) encourages and supports students' love of reading by providing them the opportunity to choose brand new, free books to build their own home libraries. Your support will not only help make this donation possible, it will also bring significant exposure to our city’s need for supporting programs such as this.